Some fisheries are blocked during DFO-FN discussions

Problem: DFO is negotiating Treaty provisions and Marine Zoning Arrangements with some First Nations without meaningful consultations with the commercial fleet.


  • The fleet must be able to meet directly with the DFO and Province to discuss impacts​.

  • Marine zoning: DFO, the public and First Nations must be educated to understand that fishermen cannot afford to lose large part of their lucrative fishing grounds due to marine zoning (MPAs)

  • Treaty talks: Fishermen should meet with First Nations directly and try to negotiate a mutually acceptable interim arrangement while negotiations are taking place

  • Approach the First Nation to set up a round table so impacts on the commercial fishery can be considered.

  • Commercial fishermen should be able to continue to fish while Treaty / Higher Level discussions are going on

  • Real compensation for re-allocation (Not buy up of non-active licenses)