Resource Management

Problem: all fisheries need better resource management


Resource management needs to

reflect the interests of

communities, fishermen, tendermen and shoreworkers

  • Open and transparent meetings

  • Meetings need to be near the communities they are impacting

  • Stock assessment– better

  • stream walking - more guardians

  • Use of drones instead of walking in some areas

  • Utilize First Nations’ stream counting reports if DFO not doing

  • Fishermen participate in stream walking

  • Need offshore assessment fisheries to determine run size

  • Fishermen should understand / agree on methodology before DFO uses models to determine TAC in any fishery

  • need a 'fishermen's biologist' to assist fishermen in debates with DFO or other sectors. They all have their own staff biologists

  • DFO needs more staff

  • need enough C&P so that we are not closed to a lack of fisheries patrolmen / - more guardians –

  • more managers

  • Stable fish management (same people stay in the position in )

  • Round tables everywhere

  • Can use outside fishery for in-season assessment of run size (eg Barkley Sound). Fisheries can occur sooner not rely on in-river assessments after the fish has gone by.

  • Industry pays royalty for stream assessment