Reconciliation with First Nations

Problem: First Nations and commercial fish harvesters need to work together to benefit ALL commercial fisheries.


  • Need to develop an agreed upon a common Coastal Fisheries Strategy with First Nations/Communities/Owner-operators/NNFC/Native Brotherhood/other organizations

  • Help FNs develop individual operator fisheries for their Economic (PICFI) fisheries

  • Round tables

  • Meet separately from large planning groups

  • Round tables need to be everywhere

  • Start with Bella Coola on Central Coast

  • In season, allocations can be transferred

  • Positive way to get fishermen fishing – use small bite fisheries as assessment fisheries to permit earlier openings

  • Need facilitators

  • Fishermen and First Nations get together to figure out allocations.

  • Consultants are representing FNs.

  • Fishermen should talk directly with First Nations to ensure lines of communication are open

  • Indigenous fishers in FN economic fisheries – inland and marine

  • Opportunities for dialogue

  • Help with training in commercial fishing techniques (if skills have faded)

  • Allocations to FN are not necessarily going to indigenous fishers so we need to raise this issue with government and FN communities

  • PICFI allocations can be used to attract young fishermen and or to improve finances of existing indigenous fishermen through increased catches

  • Commercial fishers can use PICFI as an example of Community-based allocations that can be leased out at nominal costs.