Habitat issues / Predator control

Problem: enforcement of habitat regulations and predator threat control need to occur


  • Habitat restoration (fisheries / forestry renewal)

  • Community education on value of commercial industry in protecting habitat –

  • Building community / government support using the idea that wild salmon protection is important to communities – we need to talk about the positive benefits of shoreworkers and fishermen to social and economic wellbeing of our communities

  • Habitat protection and enforcement of regulations

  • Pesticide spraying

  • Estuary protection

  • Predator control – seals / sea lions

  • Starting to get biological agreement that choices have to be made – to control predators so that seals/s-lions remain as predators but people are also included as predators.

  • Transient killer whales train chinook orcas to eat seals

  • Fish farm control/elimination

  • DFO needs to inspect Large Projects for habitat infractions

  • DFO needs more habitat (conservation) officers

  • DFO needs to enforce sports – also need to develop a proper sports fishing survey in every area heavily fished - sports fleet has poorest data

  • Undercover operations to identify if the creel surveys are accurate

  • Send people home out of fishery for the day for infractions