Fish Harvester Representation

Problem: Fishermen are not united – there are few strong fish harvester organizations left.


  • Provincially mandated fishermen’s organizations

  • Different Atlantic provinces have different legislation mandating fish harvesters organizations

  • BC's government should create legislation that will ensure all harvesters belong to one organization or another

  • Fishermen need to compare other Provinces legislation and choose a model best for BC

  • Must benefit active commercial fishermen not license investors (unless they are actively fishing)

  • Discussion has to be led by Province

  • Everyone has to pay into an organization – no freeloaders

  • Strengthen other organizations also could strengthen Union

  • Many fishermen are starting to feel that they need unity and so they need to have an organization to represent them.

  • Seafood Alliance says they represent 95% of license holders but they mostly represent the positions of CFC and other large licence/quota investors

  • CSAB is looking at the conservation stamp and asking DFO/ to remit it to the CSAB.

  • Provincially mandated active fishermen organizations will mean that active fish harvesters will not be dominated by investors

  • If all fishermen pay to organizations, they can afford to pay for a biologist

  • How do we engage indigenous fishermen?