More Fish

Problem: Commercial Fishermen need access to more fish

empty spawning channel


  • More enhancement facilities to produce salmon in areas where we can harvest them –

  • use them as production facilities – fill all hatcheries to capacity (government needs to renew its commitment to production hatcheries)

  • more money from governments (Federation lobby)

  • Community Regional Salmon Development (Alaska-style ocean ranching)

  • Coastal enhancement – like McLaughlin Bay

  • Outplanting – use DFO hatcheries and outplant fry to an area where there are not mixed stock fishery problems

  • Investing - a levy from fishermen – cost recovery fishery to support production costs

  • New fish- new opportunities for harvests

  • Needs buy-in from First Nations as projects in their territories

  • Other groups – objections – need to get public backing

  • Round tables everywhere

  • Agreements can lead to more fishing opportunities

  • Use of small bite fisheries

  • Tied to round tables

  • Facilitation is very necessary. It needs to be from outside organizations, not DFO

  • DFO managers must come up with reference points

  • On WCVI the assessments are fisheries drivers

  • Does not cost DFO much – Fishers pay by fishing – dependent on fish quantity and price – fishermen have to commit to complete the survey (the small bite fishery)

  • Need a ‘fishermen’s biologist

  • Need to effectively challenge DFO mortality rates on bycatch that are hampering our ability to fish

  • Need to effectively challenge DFO on required escapement numbers and low harvest rates