Large Corporations Buy-up Licences / Quota

Problem: Licenses and Quotas are increasingly owned by large corporations


  • Lobby Provincial and Federal governments to prevent this from going ahead

  • Mandatory disclosure on who owns licenses/quotas – no ‘corporate veil’

  • Education – license should be owned by Canadians only

  • Food security – fish is food

  • Canadian taxpayer pays for management but value goes out of Canada

  • Jobs are lost – shore sector and communities suffer

  • Draw parallels with housing ownership in Vancouver

  • Call on federal and provincial governments to increase % of community owned quota (GDA authority over Groundfish Development Quota)

  • Province must represent communities and BC residents

  • Owner-operator – investors can’t own

  • Fleet separation – no processors can own licenses

  • Need to develop method to compensate investors who have already bought quota/licenses

  • A transition fund to permit those fishers who have invested in quota to transition to compensate them for their investments

  • PIICAF gave 7 years to divest yourself of quota that was leased out

  • Lose 10%/year of quota if leased out. The 10% goes into a pool for others