Active Fishermen and Investors - are your interests different?

January 18, 2018

Problem:  Active fishermen are not represented.  Investors are represented - who may have different goals than active fishermen.





  • Seafood Alliance purports to represent 95% of license holders. It represents the interests of investors not active fishermen. Active fish harvesters need a similar organization.


  • The Area Harvest Committees and the CSAB represent license holders – as all license holders have a vote.  Active fishermen could be out-voted.  Active fishers need one or more salmon organizations to represent their interests.

  • Herring – processors dominate the advisory process.  Fishermen need to take control

  • Halibut – large quota holders dominate representation process.  Would owner-operator make a difference?

  • Prawns – all active prawn fishermen belong to prawn organization.  One organization represents all prawners so can speak with one voice after internal discussions.

  • Crabs –active license owners only belong to Area A

  • Unity between fishermen or fishermen’s associations is necessary

    • Can’t agree on everything but can on many things

    • Work together on identified issues

    • Fishermen structure their organizations – collect dues/funds for operations.




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